Can a Homeowner Safely Install a Mini Split System?

Homeowners looking to save money on labor costs may be tempted to install a mini split system themselves. However, the risks of losing money, damaging property, and diminishing performance outweigh the potential benefits. A permit is usually required to install a mini split system, and these requirements and restrictions may vary from place to place. The main advantage of installing a mini split system yourself is that it can be done for free, apart from any tools or materials you may need to purchase.

Many mini split kits available on the market, such as the MRCOOL unit, have features that make installation easier. However, I have seen what can go wrong with a self-made mini split installation while working for a major HVAC distribution company (Pierce-Phelps).In conclusion, installing ductless air conditioning units yourself may seem like a good way to save some money if you live close to enough services where there are no expert installers available at all hours of the day. But it is important to remember that professional labor usually comes with a 12-month warranty and can offer you professional advice on the best way to maintain your unit in the future.

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